Let’s get personal. I love undergarments. Lacey, floral, colorful panties and bras overflow-eth in my dresser; it’s a beautiful sight. My Victoria’s Secret obsession began as a tween. Like most young girls it seemed to be the mecca for all underthings. Recently, I’ve realized I’m not comfortable in the chest area. All of my bras (and there are many) don’t fit well. Each has it’s own special flaw and I think my old mistress Victoria is to blame. It’s generally known that VS bras are up-sized to make you feel more well-endowed. I’m given a different measurement each visit, so the bands and cup sizes in my drawer vary drastically. In pursuit of my new and improved lifestyle, I decided the girls need a little TLC. In the long run, two high quality bras will serve me far better than the drawer full of colorful torture devices I currently own. I looked into visiting local boutiques but ultimately decided that Bloomie’s would give me the most options and best customer service to start my bra journey. Here are my tips for getting started:

  1. Dress for the occasion. I wore a plain black T-shirt so that I could have the clearest idea of what the bras would look like on.
  2. Yes, you can measure yourself, but why not have the professionals do it? I told my helpful salesperson right out the gate that I had no idea what size I was or what kind of bra I wanted. She measured me and brought me plenty of options to try out.
  3. If this is your first time re-assessing your bra situation since your mom took you in middle school, this will be as time-consuming as jean shopping. I easily tried on about 25 different bras while there and it was completely worth it.

What a difference a bra makes

Although I had been planning the excursion for a while, I didn’t get around to shopping until Memorial Day weekend. I scored two very well-priced Calvin Klein bras that help balance my badonkadonk with my more modest bust-line. The difference I see and feel is pretty drastic and it only took over a decade to make it happen.


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